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Understanding your Life Stage

Beginnings - Roadblocks - Authenticity - Wisdom

imageB These words capture what proactive, forward looking people experience as they move forward in their lives. When I first talk with clients or potential clients they often think something`s not working right so there must be something wrong with them. What I hear is that there`s something really right growing into a new way of being. What's your LifeStage?


Quick Start Job Search Program

Quick Start Job Search Program This fast-paced class includes: Exercises and discussion to help you gain clarity about what you want now Résumé and cover letter development Essential “marketing” tactics to put you in front of the employers you’re most interested in How to’s to hone your networking via LinkedIn and other social media Review and discussion of your personal Strengths Finder 2.0 Report and how to maximize on your strengths in work and job search.

Next Class: Nov 2, 2016
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM;
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From the Blog

Do Your Emotions Matter?

Author : Ros Adcock | Date : November 14, 2016

Think about it. When you’re upset about something that happened before you got to work, how do you then perceive things or people at work? Do you think your emotions affect your decision making? Even if we don’t think they do, research shows, in fact, that they do. A study by the Yale Center on Emotional Intelligence showed that teachers who were in a bad mood were more likely to give students lower grades, than those who were in more positive moods. Ever had a to give a performance review on a bad day? Or received a review on a Read the rest of this entry »


5 Steps You Can Take Today To Banish Mommy Burnout For Good

Author : Daisy Swan | Date : October 19, 2016

You know that feeling. It’s like the gears just don’t connect, there’s no traction, no energy to accelerate. If you’re a mom who’s burned out from taking care of everyone at home (and at work, playgroup, your extended family too), it’s predictable that your feelings of guilt, anxiety, resentment and outright anger are building to the point where you’re afraid you will blow like a rocket. That’s super scary because if that happened, you’re sure you’d ruin everything. So what can you do instead? It’s not your habit to share with others what’s really going on inside. Your habit is Read the rest of this entry »


Cartography for the 21st Century 50s

Author : Daisy Swan | Date : August 26, 2016

When I was in my 20s I was trying to figure out my next steps in life, often feeling bewildered and doubtful. How would I know the right moves for me? I had notions of my own criteria for what I wanted in my life and I saw that some of my ideas seemed different than those of my friends. Nonetheless, I found that I was measuring myself against others to chart my progress. It seemed like I was working hard at keeping up, or catching up,  and then worked hard to surpass my friends in my own fashion. That’s Read the rest of this entry »