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    Keeping Up With The World, Personally

    Date : March 05, 2013

    Daisy Swan – Career Coach
    Guest Contributor for My L.A. Lifestyle

    With so much buzzing around us all the time, it’s easy to think we can keep on top of the important stuff by staying plugged in to our phone, laptop or device of choice. But sometimes, we need to inject an extra dose of energy and inspiration, via simple human interaction.


    In L.A. we have traffic, right? So if we’re going to head out of our neighborhood it better be worth it, yes? I’ve come to feel that one of my most favorite, and worthwhile, treks in L.A. is when I get up early and head downtown to the beautiful and inspiring Gensler building, to see and hear a fantastic speaker hosted by Ted Habte-Gabr and Live Talks LA Business Forum. Ted has been producing these speaker events for a while now, and he’s doing a great job of hosting people who are smart, forward thinking and entertaining, too. I recently made the drive downtown to see one of my favorite authors, Daniel Pink, who just released his fourth book “To Sell Is Human”. Yes, I could have just watched the video of his talk, but I was really happy I could say hello and thank Mr. Pink for his books – in person.

    I was also terrifically inspired, months ago, by speaker and author Chris Anderson, who wrote the fascinating book “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution”. Mr. Anderson was being interviewed by the amazingly accomplished, yet down-to-earth, mover and shaker, Krisztina “Z” Holly from USC’s Stevens Center for Innovation.
    I learned about the 3D printing craze, and about the growing need for group garage space for the growing ranks of DIYers (“Do It Yourself”, for those not in the know) who are busy getting their hands dirty inventing the fab things we can invest in, on Kickstarter.

    Ted Habte-Gabr also produces evening programs; you can learn more about them at Live Talks Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of seeing Penn Jillette speak and, well, rant, a few months ago. It was a fun night out and closer to my neck of the woods, in Santa Monica. We owe a nod of thanks to Ted for bringing good, clean educational fun to L.A., and making it easy to be around people who like that sort of thing. Almost makes me feel like I’m back in New York City…

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