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Client Testimonials

Praise and Thank You’s for Daisy Swan

Just a few of the many testimonials and “thank you’s” that people have lavished on Daisy and the Associates, for their devoted career work with clients…

I just wanted to let you know that I received an offer from XXX (the company I really wanted to work for) that was contingent on a background check…and I was just informed I passed and my start date will be the 17th of Jan! Thank you so much for helping me out…it was the first job I applied to after modifying my resume in the format you suggested and I really believe I got a call back because of it. So Thank YOU!  And also, thank you for pointing out my strengths and ways in which I could curb my anxiety when in stressful situations.  I am lucky to have been able to meet with you.  Thank you again and have a Happy New Year!!


When I first contacted Daisy, I was deeply dissatisfied with my career.  Working with Daisy was a revelation in so many ways.  She helped me to clarify what I really wanted and needed out of a career.  But even more than that, she really set me on a course towards finding more fulfillment with life.  I learned to feel and express gratitude, rather than solely focusing on that which is imperfect.  I gained the ability to be content with myself, rather than always needing work or an activity to fill my time.  Most importantly, I gained a sense of confidence bred from knowing my strengths and how to maximize them.

Daisy has a calmness, clarity, and insightfulness about her that is truly astonishing.  Possibly her best skill is her ability to impart those things on her clients as well.

-BT, Senior Executive, Media


Dear Daisy,

Brava! As you saw, your Table Talk this past Sunday was SRO — and with good reason!

You are an engaging and altogether delightful — and informative — presenter!

I loved how you started off – and continued – the program in such an interactive manner. You got everybody talking to each other… and there is nothing like a hands-on experience, such as one you provided, to make all of us realize that the issues related to memory are universal, as we get older.

Daisy, we wish you much success in your practice here out East — including maybe offering some meditation classes – and hope we can ask you to do another Table Talk in the future!

With all best wishes,
Judith Bresler
Table Talk Curator


My experience with Daisy was exceptional, and exceeded my expectations. I came to her seeking advice about how to take the next step in my career. She helped me clarify my personal and professional goals, and helped me visualize a career path that met my personal and professional goals.

Daisy also helped me see that the perfect role was out there for me, and worked with me on a strategy to find it. Her care, diligence, and thoughtful advice were invaluable throughout the entire process, from career exploration to offer and acceptance.

I highly recommend Daisy Swan for anyone looking to grow as a professional.
– Jeff, May 2015

After graduating from college and being out of school for over a year with no full time job yet, I decided to sign up for Daisy’s 4-week Job Search Class. I took the class because I was frustrated and confused about how to navigate through the current job market and I left the class feeling confident, qualified and ready to get a job. The class was small and intimate which provided for a more personal and hands-on experience. Daisy was an amazing teacher who provided us with the tools and guidance necessary to find a job. Not only did we get a handful of templates and resources on how to write a better resume and cover letter, but we also learned valuable networking skills. Daisy is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and beams with positive energy which made her an awesome mentor and teacher. Whether you are at the beginning stages of the job search and need to write a resume, or you’ve been at a job for years and are looking to make an industry change, you will definitely find Daisy’s job search class beneficial, useful and you truly will learn a lot. I am so happy that I took her class and I am even happier to report that I am writing this from the desk at my new job. Thank you so much Daisy, for all of your help! I am eternally grateful!

– Candice Oliver, Account Specialist at Wpromote, January 2015 Daisy Swan Job Search Class Participant

I was very fortunate to work with Daisy as I was retooling my resume and improving my interviewing skills.  She always had the appropriate and useful comment for any issue I presented.  Equally important, she did not use kid-gloves, but rather told me what I needed to hear.  I felt she took a sincere interest in my goals and potential and showed leadership, yes, she lead me to a more marketable position as a candidate.  Indeed, only one month after our sessions ended, I was offered a position.

– Peter, NJ 8/2014

I loved the fact that each class started with meditation and that
reinforced my practice. The technique used is quite simple and easy to
love even for people that never meditate. (Vipassana)

I love the small group formula as listening to other life experiences and
insights helped me to step out of my own questions. Career change brings
some similar emotions amongst people although in different contexts. It
was truly a joy to listen and be listened to. It also kept me on my toes.
I had to do my homework if I wanted to share something with the group.
Yes, there is homework and if you do it, boy, you get the job done, aka
targeting what’s going on and what you want to do next.

Daisy brought us various tools that address the emotional issue of career
change as well as very practical tools, such as resume building, interview
preparation and various tips to help transition into this new career.

Bottom line: The reason why I took the class was because I wanted to
clarify what my “next career move” would be. Did the seminar help? Hell
yeah! I know where I want to head. Not bad for a mere once-a-week meeting,
for only six weeks. What a gift! Thank you for this!

– G.G., September/October 2013 “In Transition: Choosing a Happier Way to
What’s Next” Coaching Class Participant

I took a ‘transitions’ workshop with Daisy in the Fall of 2013. We covered
a lot of helpful territory such as resumes, informational interviews, self
assessment and imagination exercises. We also explored ways to tap into
personal, internal resources and energy, which was equally if not more
helpful than the more familiar topics. These strategies have helped me
feel more personally powerful and grounded during my career change, which,
in turn, provides a boost for taking all of those other external actions.

– K.K., September/October 2013 “In Transition: Choosing a Happier Way to

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