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Leadership Coaching & Development

There are few investments you can make in your managers and employees that will be of greater value than providing them with leadership training and team development skills, from an experienced executive life coach. At Daisy Swan & Associates, our Executive Coaching focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to engage others, create change, and achieve greater results from your working relationships.

What Does Your Organization Need?

Daisy Swan & Associates has a number of coaching, leadership, and team-improvement programs that we can design to fit your organization’s unique needs, goals and challenges. We create productive relationships between your people, improve your ability to positively influence others, refine your communication skills, and inspire you to become more empowered through hands-on experience. Please explore the following programs to discover which service best reflects your needs:

  • Team Development
  • Organizational Planning & Design

We Make It Relevant

Every organization is different. We don’t believe in giving you the same presentation we give to our other clients. We customize executive and developmental coaching programs to reflect your organization’s unique character, taking your challenges, goals, interests and desired results into account, making your workshops more relevant to and practical for your employees.

Our programs are not designed to end when the coaching initiative comes to a close. It’s in our best interest to make sure your employees can use what they learn over the long term. We offer continuous learning and coaching, follow up assessments, and tailor made courses to make sure that the principles we teach remain with participants over time.

Don’t Wait

At Daisy Swan & Associates, we’re here to help. The sooner we can begin assisting your organization with our executive life coaching or organizational developmental workshops and services, the sooner you will begin to see bottom line results. We look forward to discussing our programs, ideas, and experience with you.

Team Development

Team development is something that every organization encourages and verbally supports, but it doesn’t always receive sufficient attention and dedication. It often requires assistance from an external resource to be able to critically analyze and identify the needs and areas for more effective team development and performance.

At Daisy Swan & Associates, we research and work with teams to identify the key areas for the continuous process of team development inside organizations.

Organization Planning & Strategic Design

Whether you are a small business looking to create a more streamlined and innovative organization, or a large organization in the process of completing a merger or acquisition, Organizational Planning and Design can help your organization make calculated moves to the next level.

Daisy Swan & Associates Organization Planning and Design is about changing, modifying, or developing your organization, structure, reporting relationships, team configuration to fit your strategy and enhance business performance blog here. Our organization assessment provides an understanding of which business structure is best suited for your organization need.

When Should This Be Used?

•                When teams and departments need to be integrated or aligned more closely

•                When an organization goes through downsizing

•                When new strategy is defined

•                When developing a competitive advantage

•                Before, during, or after a merger/acquisition

•                When a shift in hierarchical structure is needed (flatter and leaner)

•                When flexibility and speed is needed to adapt to changing markets

•                When your organization is going through significant change and needs efficiency

How We Help

Through analysis, planning and design Daisy Swan & Associates career coaching services can help your organization assess its current structure, identify the desired future state, and determine priorities for change. This process involves:

•                Understanding your current strategy and business needs

•                Defining specific goals and objectives for organization planning and design

•                Analyzing the current organization and assessing emerging needs

•                Formulating organization structure and design recommendations

•                Development, implementation, and communication of plans

•                Measuring and evaluating results

This is a practical solution for any business faced with organizing or reorganizing a business or team. Because every organization is unique, our custom solutions services will provide an organization planning and design structure that matches the size, shape, and look of your organization with critical business issues.

At Daisy Swan & Associates, we can help your organization develop a master plan that can be fully integrated with other planning efforts that may be occurring. We help you go from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

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