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Interview & Resume Coaching

What are you doing right (or, wrong!) in your job search?

Have you been sending out resume after resume, applying for job upon job,
to little or no response?

At Daisy Swan & Associates, we know that there are available jobs out there, because our clients are getting interviews and landing new positions. But we also work with many clients who are in trickier situations, like those looking to make a career transition, or those who are currently unemployed or underemployed. In all cases, everyone wants to figure out how best to ‘crack the code’ of hiring strategies in this tight job market.

Believe us, we know that resumes are tricky and usually daunting. Your resume can speak directly to the needs of your prospective employer, while accurately showing off your experience and skills. But, how do you write your resume to target the many different jobs in which you’re interested?

With our one-on-one Resume Coaching services, we’ll show you how to break down the sometimes arduous task of resume writing into easier steps. Our 9-step resume writing process simplifies and lightens your load. We’ve been writing resumes with clients for years, and with our extensive background you can be certain we’re covering the most up-to-date and important information, so you’ll get the real scoop on effective resumes (and cover letters!) that get you noticed.

Interviewing for various jobs, but not getting called back…?

Or, are you particularly nervous about an upcoming, integral interview?

We’re here to help. Our Interview Coaching services are designed to best prepare you for that all-important interview that you really want to ace, and/or help you to start securing second interviews if you’re not making it past the initial phase(s).

We can tailor your interview coaching process to whichever scenario fits your needs: A lunch interview, a phone interview, or simply general interviewing best practices, tips and tricks.

Do you have an interview next week? Want to find out more? Please call 1-877-872-3929 or email

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