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Mindfulness Coaching

One-on-One and Organizational Mindfulness Meditation Training

Curious about mindful awareness practice, but can’t make it to the six-week programs that Daisy leads? Interested in bringing a tailor-made mindfulness program to your office or organization?

Daisy is happily responding to requests from clients and companies looking for mindfulness training that works for their schedules and needs, by offering one-on-one mindfulness coaching.

Everyone learns differently, and sometimes individuals can’t make it to regularly scheduled classes. Daisy’s happy to arrange convenient session times for one student – or many – during which participants will learn and put to use various mindful awareness practices, discuss topics of interest, and clarify any questions or issues arising through or during on-going mindfulness practice outside of her meetings.

If this sounds like a solution for you, please contact us at 1-877-872-3929 or email, to arrange for a free consultation to discuss available options.

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